A list of useful teaching and learning materials for students and faculty in technological entrepreneurship fields.

Curricular models
In-depth write-ups of NCIIA-supported course and program development projects.

Equipment Grants from National Instruments
Recipients of NCIIA advanced E-Team grants may be eligible to receive free equipment through a collaborative equipment grants program sponsored by the NCIIA and National Instruments Corporation.

NCIIA Annual Conference proceedings and papers

2013; 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006; 2005

NCIIA newsletters
NCIIA News is the bi-annual newsletter of the NCIIA, with each edition featuring the latest in NCIIA happenings and a spotlight on a particularly successful recent E-Team.

NCIIA featured articles
Our grantees have great stories to tell. Here we present some of the feature articles we've published in our newsletters over the years.

Innovations Journal
Can't get enough innovation? Then Innovations, edited by Philip E. Auerswald and Iqbal Z. Quadir, may be what you're looking for! Published quarterly, Innovations is unique among academic journals, in dealing with the interaction of technology and governance from a 30,000-foot view of both policy challenges and proposed policy solutions. Read the latest issue.

Intellectual property
If you're completely new to IP policies, use our primer.

International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering
The International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering is a free, peer-reviewed publication that focues on issues affecting service learning in engineering, engineering entrepreneurship in service, or related service learning pedagogy. Read the current issue.

The National Network for technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (N2TEC) is a National Science Foundation—Partners for Innovation Project with the purpose of raising the level of innovation and technology commercialization in colleges, universities, and communities across the nation.

Student entrepreneurship publications
Visit the links below to access online versions of our student entrepreneurship guides. Print versions of the guides are also available for sale (reduced rate for NCIIA members). E-mail us to learn more.