Have your institution become an NCIIA member!

We enrich classrooms, curricula and campuses with opportunities for faculty and students to cultivate their skills and creativity and bring their ideas to market. Have your institution become a NCIIA member today to take full advantage of our opportunities. Students and faculty from member institutions are welcome to:

  • Apply for NCIIA grants, including:
    • E-Team Program grants of up to $25k (with an additional $50k investment opportunity), given to student teams looking to commercialize new technologies
    • Course and Program grants of up to $50k, given to faculty to integrate entrepeneurial skills into curricula
  • Attend NCIIA-sponsored events, such as Open 2015, our upcoming annual conference, for a reduced fee
  • Tap into a network of like-minded professionals to share ideas and educational strategies

Our offerings are available to faculty and students from institutions of all kinds:

  • Research institutions with active technology transfer programs
  • Colleges exploring the teaching of applied innovation
  • Engineering schools and business schools, large and small, committed to offering their students more creative, hands-on experiences 

NOTE: Our rates have changed! Annual membership dues are now $500 for colleges and $950 for universities. Membership applies to an entire institution. For example, dues are $950 for University X, not $500 for the University X College of Engineering.

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Please allow 1 business day for membership renewal to be updated in our system. Questions about membership? Email us at membership@nciia.org or call 413-587-2172.

Membership FAQ

Q: Why the increase in membership rates?

A: NCIIA’s membership fees have remained unchanged since our inception nearly 20 years ago. The increase has been made to align fees with rising costs.

Q: What is the NCIIA member discount when registering for the annual conference?

A: NCIIA members receive a substantial $400.00 discount on the registration fee for Open 2015. (Early registration for membersis $999/Early registration for non-members is $1,399; Regular registration for members is $1,099/Regular registration for non-members is $1,499.)

Q: My institution only has 3,500 undergraduates; do we qualify as a college?

A: NCIIA defines colleges as institutions that primarily serve an undergraduate student body. If your institution offers substantive graduate level courses and more than 10% of the student body are enrolled at the graduate level, we would classify your school as a university.

Q: I’m handling registration for the Engineering Dept. If the Business School or Biomedical Dept. want to apply for an NCIIA grant, do they need to pay an additional (separate) membership fee?

A:  NO, the membership fee covers an entire institution. Individual programs and departments need not enroll separately.

Q:  Can my institution request a waiver from the FY 2014-15 fee increases?

A:  NCIIA will consider a waiver of the fee increase based on need for the 2014-2015 academic year only from current members. These requests can be sent to membership@nciia.org