May 1999

Exploring Innovation Technologies Using RF Technology for Engineering Applications


United States
40° 3' 29.9664" N, 74° 24' 20.3796" W

Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary - $2000.00

This grant supports the new course Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship under Rutgers' Special Problems in Civil Engineering Course. This course is a unique addition to the Rutgers Engineering curriculum, to be institutionalized after the pilot semester. The class is the first step toward the creation of Rutgers Invention Institute, to promote invention and creativity in engineering at Rutgers. The undergraduate/graduate course will lead E-Teams through brainstorming new ideas, identifying problems and solutions, completing assessments of an idea's commercial potential, and writing business plans.

The E-Teams will work on radio-frequency identification (RFID) as the focus of their initial projects for the pilot course and possibly future courses as well. In addition, the class will undergo ennegram personality typing to help them understand their own personality types and to better understand the people they are working with, be they managers, teammates or investors.

Technopreneurial Leadership Center


United States
35° 31' 2.9676" N, 86° 34' 49.6092" W

California Institute of Technology - $27000.00

This program helps graduate level E-Teams launch tech-based businesses through the Technopreneurial Leadership Center (TLC) at the University of Tennessee. TLC is a recent initiative of the university, which works in collaboration with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Using ORNL technologies as the product, E-Teams form a company, establish a business mission, research the product's market potential, create a virtual presence for the company, and manage its operation for the duration of the course. By the end of the two-year program, E-Teams are equipped to launch their ventures.