May 2009

Irrigation innovation - see the video

An E-Team at Colorado State University is working to reduce rural poverty by providing small farmers with clean, affordable irrigation solutions.

The Small Engines for Economic Development team is developing a one-horsepower biodiesel (or straight vegetable oil) engine that meets the water pumping and electricity generation needs of the small and marginal farmers in the developing world, increasing their productivity and their income.

See part two of the video on our Youtube channel.


Technology in Africa: Check these grantees' blogs

A couple of our Sustainable Vision grantees are active in Africa: read their blogs!

The Global Network to Support Sustainable Information and Communication Technologies Entrepreneurship project in Senegal. Read the blog.

The Mashavu project, a healthcare network based in Kenya. Read the blog.

Helping small farmers - A sustainable irrigation system in Peru

The world's food security relies on finding affordable, improved, and effective means of irrigation for small farmers in developing countries.

An NCIIA Sustainable Vision team from University of Massachusetts-Lowell has developed a low-cost solar/wind drip irrigation system, which is being tested in Peru.

Read more about this drip irrigation system at



Many podcasts

Andy Hardagon   


Gifford Pinchot III

Jill Bamburg

Mike Camp

Dave Willard, Olympus

Mike Camp Speaks at the NCIIA Olympus Innovation Awards 2009

Jill Bamburg Speaks at the NCIIA Olympus Innovation Awards 2009

Gifford Pinchot III Speaks at the NCIIA Olympus Innovation Awards

Dave Willard Speaks at the NCIIA Olympus Innovation Awards

Andy Hargadon Speaks at the NCIIA Olympus Innovation Awards 2009

E-Team innovation is a Popular Science 2009 Invention of the Year

Ecovative Design, an NCIIA E-Team that has invented an environmentally friendly insulation made from mushrooms, is one of Popular Science magazine's top-10 inventions of 2009.

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