June 2009


  • Fall 2010
    • Global Innovation Initiative launched at Clinton Global Initiative
    • Spotlight on Greenlight Planet and OneBreath
  • Spring 2010
    • VentureLab launched in Boston
    • Spotlight on Whole Tree E-Team
  • Fall 2009
    • Overview of events at Open 2010
    • Spotlight on clean energy E-Teams focused on residential markets
  • Spring 2009
    • Results from first annual Venture Well Forum
    • Spotlight on GoodGuide and World Health Imaging Alliance
  • Fall 2008
    • Announcing Venture Well and Venture Well Forum
    • Spotlight on venture-funded E-Teams: Intelliject and Endoluminal Sciences
  • Spring 2008
    • A look at the Advanced Invention to Venture program expansion
    • Spotlight on Ecovative Design E-Team
  • Fall 2007
    • Inaugural Innovation Showcase (I-Show) semi-finalists chosen
    • Spotlight on i-conserve E-Team
  • Spring 2007
    • Results of Sustainable Vision pilot run
    • Spotlight on Olympus Innovation Award winner Deborah Streeter
  • Fall 2006
    • New programs: Advanced I2V, Sustainable Vision grants
    • Spotlight on AnemiCAM E-Team
  • Spring 2006
    • March Madness for the Mind preview
    • Olympus Award winners: John Ochs, John Kleppe, and Michael Lovell
  • Fall 2005
    • Featured E-Teams: BMEidea Winners
    • Spotlight on Steve Nichols and the Olympus Innovation Award
  • Spring 2005
    • Sustainable technology programs at MIT and Stanford
    • Spotlight on Axon Labs E-Team
  • Fall 2004
    • Assessment
    • Spotlight on MobileLime E-Team
  • Spring 2004
    • Early stage funding with angel investors
    • Spotlight on Polytorx E-Team
  • Fall 2003
    • Introducing the Invention to Venture Workshop series
    • Spotlight on Fluent Systems E-Team
  • Spring 2003
    • Biomedical Forum in San Francisco
    • Featured Biomedical Courses, Programs, and E-Teams
  • Fall 2002
    • Big Ideas in a Small World: The NCIIA 7th Annual Meeting
    • Spotlight on UV Tube E-Team
  • Spring 2002
  • Fall 2001
  • Spring 2001
  • Fall 2000

On location in Myanmar

Enjoy these video updates from one of our Sustainable Vision teams: Stanford University's project to strengthening manufacturing capacity of Burmese metalworking firms to promote sustained development. The team believes introducing an improved manufacturing process for treadle pumps will eventually diffuse to other areas, broadly improving the local metalworking sector.

Greasecar install on Discovery Channel

From diesel to vegetable oil... One of NCIIA's earliest grantees (in 1999), Greasecar has sold thousands of vegetable oil conversion kits from their base in Holyoke, Mass. In this clip from Discovery Tech, a diesel-guzzling truck is converted to run on fryer oil using a Greasecar kit.


Grantee Highlight: 'A 'clean' lantern and 1.6 billion people to serve

Just two years after it received an E-Team grant, Greenlight Planet, Inc is selling its solar-charged, battery-powered LED lantern in India and China. Along the way, the company, which spun out of an E-Team from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, has raised more than $500,000 from investors.

Greenlight Planet's market proposition is simple: to sell ultra-affordable solar LED lights for the 1.6 billion people who still don't have electricity. There are important social and environmental benefits: Greenlight Planet's lantern is cleaner, more economical, less dangerous, and less polluting then petroleum lanterns.

Read more at Greenlight Planet.com.


MedGadget.com: Collegiate biomed engineering prizes awarded

A lab without walls, a single-point incision tool, and a vitamin D biosensor. MedGadget.com reports on the 2009 BMEidea winners!