November 2011

NCIIA-funded course at JHU generates new biomedical start-ups

A 2010 course and program grant awarded to Center of Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID, itself supported by an NCIIA Course and Program grant) at Johns Hopkins University has swiftly returned on its investment. Two biomedical device start-ups have spun out of the Master's Level Education in Bioengineering Innovation course:

Grant PI Bob Allen reports that so far 15 students have graduated from the program with MS degrees. JHPIEGO, JHU’s global health partner, is further developing two other projects from the grant: an electronic partogram and the antenatal screening kit (a 2010 E-Team grantee and Popular Science invention of the year).


Sustainable Vision 2012: Design Revolution

Design Revolution 2012

A one-day workshop for faculty and student practitioners of affordable technology development and market-based solutions.

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March 21, 2012, San Francisco, CA

  • Connect with colleagues and peers working in the field
  • Share ideas and best practices
  • Be inspired by innovative solutions to global challenge
  • Learn about resources available to faculty and students
  • Attend the launch of Sustainable Vision Connect, an international community of faculty who seek to address global challenges through technology and market-based innovation

For more information, contact the NCIIA grants team.


Meet Sustainable Vision 2012 speaker (and NCIIA grantee) Krista Donaldson:


Krista now runs D-Rev: Design Revolution,  which creates world class products - market and user driven - designed to meet the needs of the four billion people all over the world living on less than four dollars a day.



Sustainable Vision 2012 is part of NCIIA's 16th Annual Conference


Hilton Hotel - Financial District


Wed., March 21, 2012
8am - 4:30pm




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New video! Sustainable Vision grantee Krista Donaldson speaks at Pop! Tech

Sustainable Vision grantee Krista Donaldson now runs D-Rev: Design Revolution,  which creates world class products - market and user driven - designed to meet the needs of the four billion people all over the world living on less than four dollars a day.

In 2009, NCIIA awarded $46,500 to Krista's Stanford University team to develop Brilliance, an affordable technology designed to treat neonatal jaundice in rural areas in India.  Fast Company reported on Brilliance earlier this year.

Watch the video! Ecovative Design on MotherBoard TV's 'Upgrade' show


Behind the scenes at The Lemelson Foundation

NCIIA's primary funder, and the catalyst for our formation 15 years ago, is The Lemelson Foundation.

Read more about Jerome Lemelson's vision for US economic competitiveness, and the role of young people as inventors, in this great interview between the Foundation's  Erin Tochen (pictured) and Krista Donaldson from D-Rev.




NCIIA Provides Venture Mentorship and Training to Winners of Intel Innovators $100K Competition

In partnership with Intel, NCIIA will provide the winners of Intel Innovators with specialized training through a series of one-on-one business strategy development sessions. Through NCIIA’s immersive five-day program, VentureLab, the winning entrepreneurs will learn to identify potential markets for their innovations, and create valuable connections to industry professionals in order to help position them for further investment.

Intel Innovators is a new platform and a nationwide competition on Facebook to discover, empower and award the next generation of young entrepreneurs with the best game-changing technology ideas up to $100,000 every month.

At the beginning of each month, a panel will pick 20 top ideas (see submission guidelines below), which are then put up for a public vote. By month's end, the five entrepreneurs whose ideas earn the most support from voters will be given three minutes to present their idea to an expert panel of judges that includes startup and technology experts from Ron Conway’s SV Angel firm, seed investor Betaworks and Intel Capital. The panel will choose one innovator to be awarded $50,000 and become an Intel Innovator. A top fan will then decide how to award an additional $50,000 — either to the winning innovator or to one of the other four finalists. The process restarts every month.

David Barbe, NCIIA faculty grantee, wins 'Innovator of the Year' award

Congratulations to David Barbe, a long-time NCIIA grantee and director of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), who recently won The Daily Record's 'Innovator of the Year' award.

Dave's association with NCIIA goes back 10 years - he's been awarded a Course and Program grant and two E-Team grants, and, in 2008 won the Olympus Lifetime of Educational Innovation award.

Since 2000, Dave has led Mtech, one of the leading university-based entreprenurial ecosystems in the US. He was honored by The Daily Record for 'the tremendous effect and impact his work has had on Maryland.'




Antenatal Screening Kit E-Team part of $24 million global health innovation project

An NCIIA grantee, the Antenatal Screening Kit team from Johns Hopkins University, will be part of a five year program to address global health challenges through affordable technologies.

Jhpiego, a global health nonprofit organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins, will lead a $24.9 million effort to expand its array of simple inexpensive lifesaving technologies to address today’s global health challenges.

In 2010 the Antenatal Screening Kit team received a $16,000 E-Team grant to develop a simple self-screening test for diseases such as pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, the second-leading cause of maternal deaths worldwide.

More about the team: