April 2012

Lean LaunchPad Educators Seminar

The next LLP Educators Seminar will take place on November 3-5, 2014 at the Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley

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We’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship. Perhaps our curriculum should reflect what we’ve learned?

~ Steve Blank


About the Lean LaunchPad
Educators Seminar

“One of the most comprehensive training programs I've ever attended.”

“Very valuable to anyone trying to start using LLP at their school.”

A 2.5-day program designed for entrepreneurship faculty who want to learn the basics of integrating Lean Startup principles into their curriculum using the Lean LaunchPad class as a canonical model. Educators will learn key teaching techniques for building an experiential curriculum that can put to immediate use. You'll learn from the educational innovators who created the Lean Startup revolution and share ideas with other educators in "birds of a feather" sessions. You'll leave with the understanding of how to adapt and adopt the Lean LaunchPad class to your own curriculum.

Prerequisites: The course is taught in two modules, a Foundation Workshop (see below) and the Intermediate Workshop.  The 2-day Intermediate Workshop is taught assuming familiarity with the foundations of the Lean Startup: the business model canvas, the customer development process and agile engineering.

Qualifications: This course is designed for educators affiliated with an educational institution, i.e., who want to develop a course to teach students lifelong entrepreneurial skills.  An application is required. Priority will be given to:

  • Educators who want to incorporate Lean Startup methodology into their entrepreneurship education course or program environment
  • Teaching teams with multiple members
  • Educators currently teaching or conversant with the business model canvas, customer development or Lean LaunchPad

The Lean LaunchPad Foundation Workshop
Optional Day 1, (1:00-4:30pm)

This workshop is part of the Lean LaunchPad Educators Seminar described above. A half-day seminar for those not conversant with the business model canvas, the customer development process or agile engineering. This class provides an introduction to these basic tools and methods, which are the foundation elements of the Lean LaunchPad process. The purpose of the class is to prepare for successful participation in the Lean LaunchPad Educators Seminar and is held directly before it.

Prerequisites: None. Educators with advanced knowledge of business model design and customer development may opt out of this session.

Qualification: Application and enrollment in the Lean LaunchPad Educators Seminar.

If you are interested in being contacted when Seminar dates and location are posted, please request to be added to our list: LLP@nciia.org.

Application is required

While we recommend attendance in teams, each person attending must apply individually for the Lean LaunchPad Educators Seminar.  A maximum of 3 people per institution will be permitted per course.  Application approval is a rolling process. If accepted to the program, you will be responsible for completing the registration process by providing additional information and payment. You are encouraged not to make travel plans until you have been accepted to the program.

Have questions? Email LLP@nciia.org

Why Lean LaunchPad?

The Lean LaunchPad, taught at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Caltech  and  adopted  by  the National Science Foundation, emphasizes experiential learning, a flipped classroom and immediate feedback as a way to engage students with real world entrepreneurship.

Students learn by proposing and immediately testing hypotheses. They get out of the classroom and talk to customers, partners and competitors and encounter the chaos and uncertainty of commercializing innovations and creating new ventures. 

Your students will do, rather than plan  to.  Unlike  many approaches to entrepreneurship education,  Lean  LaunchPad  does not rely on static case studies or fixed     models; it challenges students to create their own business models based on information derived from personal engagement rather than secondhand market research.



Registration fees

November  LLP Educators Registration
With hotel: $2995
Local rate: $2795

Registration includes

  • Two nights' hotel accommodation
  • Meals during the workshop
  • Workshop materials and fees
  • Transportation to and from Steve Blank's ranch


Sample Seminar information & materials

Sample Seminars times 
(subject to change):
Day 1, 1 pm - Day 3, 4 pm

Sample Seminar agenda

Sample assigned pre-course preparation

LLP Educators Teaching Guide, January 2014 edition






Ecovative Design wins prestigious United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Quality Award

Ecovative Design has won the prestigious United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Quality award. Ecovative is a former E-Team and upstate New York company that makes biodegradable packaging material from mushrooms.

EPA regional administrator Judith Enck presented the environmental leadership award to Ecovative on Thursday, April 20. The company uses the "roots" of the mushroom—called mycelium—and plant matter to make soft blocks that are used to cushion products ranging from computer servers to furniture.

EcoTech Marine wins entrepreneurial award

Former E-Team EcoTech Marine was recently awarded the Entrepreneurial Achievement Award from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The award is given to individuals who best exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit: a combination of ingenuity, hard work, and innovation that has resulted in the creation of a successful and growing business venture.

EcoTech has grown substantially since starting out as an E-Team in 2003 and is on track for more than $12 million in revenue for 2012, almost doubling its 2011 sales. Beginning with three founders, the company now employs thirty, plans to add ten more full-time team members this year, and is seeking new space that quadruples its current area.

Two Open Minds teams featured on Medgadget

Two NCIIA E-Teams--and attendees of our recent Open Minds exhibition in San Francisco--that are working on new wheelchair designs were recently featured in Medgadget, an online journal of emerging medical technologies. Read up on GRIT Leveraged Freedom Chair and IntelliWheels.

Open 2012 Conference Presentations

Keynote Presentation with Steve Blank
Crossing the Rubicon: Entrepreneurial education at the lean crossroads
Over the past fifty years, the science- and technology-based startup has emerged as a critical model for commercializing new ideas. But great technologies don’t automatically attract users and thrive. While business schools have for decades taught aspiring leaders how to execute known business models for large companies, startups search for and discover business models for sometimes undiscovered, emerging markets. Instead of a “b-school” approach, Steve Blank maintains that now is the time for the rise of the “e-school”: teaching a 'lean" approach to venture creation. Successful serial entrepreneur and Professor Steve Blank will delve into the Lean LaunchPad method and its implications for technology entrepreneurship education in the US.
Can't find the presentation you want?
Please contact Tim Binkert at tbinkert@nciia.org.
Thursday March 22 – Morning
10:30 AM – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, Molly McClelland
10:30 AM – Mason I
Brooke Envick, Jon Down, Paul Marsnik, Robin Anderson
10:30 AM – Montgomery
Jamie Cignetti, Pete Schwartz
Thursday March 22 – Afternoon
2:00 PM – Montgomery
Gunjan Malekar, Khanjan Mehta, Shruthi Baskaran
2:00 PM – Montgomery
Anthony Marchese, Gregory Graff, Rick Turley
2:00 PM – Mason I
Brian Lilly
3:45 PM – Mason I
Darian Unger
3:45 PM – Sansome
Burt Swersey, Douglas N. Arion, John Ochs, Kathy Allen, Michael Lehman, Tim Stearns
Friday March 23 – Morning
9:00 AM – Mason I
Emily J. Carter, Robyn Laur Russell
9:00 AM – Mason II
Khanjan Mehta, Peter Butler, Rachel Dzombak
Friday March 23 – Afternoon
2:30 PM – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, Jonathan Weaver, Terri Lynch-Caris
2:30 PM – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, Jonathan Weaver, Terri Lynch-Caris
2:30 PM – Montgomery
Karen Loeb, Renee A. Botta
2:30 PM – Montgomery
Andrea Grzybowski, Blair Mathias, Khanjan Mehta
Saturday March 24 – Morning
9:00 AM – Mason I
Peer Sathikh
9:00 AM – Mason I
James Collins
9:00 AM – Mason I
Judd H. Michael, Mark A. Gagnon
9:00 AM – Montgomery
Pritpal Singh
9:00 AM – Montgomery
Adegboyega Babasola, Joshua Pearce, Rob Andrews