Billy Oelsner - Wake Forest University


November 2010

  • Organizing an Invention to Venture workshop on April 9.
  • Organized talks with local entrepreneurs, connecting them to students, focused on sustainable business models, managing a venture, and using entrepreneurship to combat rural 'flight'.
  • Hosted a 'crash course' on intellectual propertyfor undergraduates.
  • Hosting The Everyday Innovation Exhibition, a joint event between NCIIA and E-Society for Global Entrepreneurship. The event
    showcases the creative efforts of students working toward improving the lives of individuals in today's society while also rethinking conventional designs to advance technologies in the developing world.


Billy Oelsner, an undergraduate at Wake Forest University, has merged his passion for science with his entrepreneurial drive. After taking a graduate seminar on Biometrics taught by WFU’s Health Science Graduate School and Calloway Business School, Billy Oelsner launched a venture that was inspired by how organic systems harness and utilize wind energy and applied these biophysical principles towards creating more efficient, affordable green energy. After pitching the idea to WFU’s Health Science Technology Transfer and Asset Management, Billy received grant money and access to Wake’s Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials lab as well the Center for Design and Innovation for extensive R&D. Understanding the importance of the Global Economy, Billy Oelsner studied abroad in Vietnam examining the intersection of politics and entrepreneurship in an emerging market, studying social-cultural differences that influence the operation of businesses in the east, and investigating existing social entrepreneurial ventures that are making a positive difference in Vietnam.

He has also spent two years studying the effects of Ketamine on brain development at the Bowman Gray school of Medicine, culminating in a co authorship of a publication in Neuroscience and presentation at the SYNAPSE Neuroscience Conference. Furthermore, he is the recipient of two departmental scholarships in German and Biology, as well as Vice President of Wake’s National Pre-med Honor Society’s spring 2010 class. Following Wake’s motto, Pro Humanitate, Billy Oelsner has lead fundraisers for the Community Care Center, a non-profit clinic, and the United Way, as well as volunteering at the Sticht Center for Aging and Rehabilitation and Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic. Billy Oelsner hopes to continue his education by perusing degrees in medicine and business.

Billy's vision

With one foot in the world of science and the other firmly planted in the world of entrepreneurship, I believe I can bring innovation at Wake Forest to a new level, by bridging the gaps between these disciplines, by informing students of the resources that are available to them, and by showing them from personal experience the process and procedure to make their concepts a reality. I look forward to utilizing NCIIA’s resources in helping to create a stimulating environment for student inventors. Let’s bring innovation to a new level at Wake Forest!