Five hundred dollar ($500) stipends are available to a limited number of teams who intend to enter the national BMEidea Competition (BMEidea deadline: April 3, 2009). To apply, candidates must complete the online RFP accessible through by November 7th, 2008. Notification of stipend awards will be made by February 2009.

Rules for Participation
1. Participating teams must be from a member institution
2. Teams must include at least one engineering student, or one bio- engineering student. Teams are encouraged to incorporate members from diverse fields such as business, law, medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, life sciences, physical sciences, or other related disciplines.
3. Concepts submitted for stipend consideration should solve a clinical problem; feature a novel and practical solution; and show potential for commercialization.
4. The narrative may not exceed one (1) pages in total, double-spaced 12 pt type AND no more than one optional appendix may be submitted.

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged on the potential and likelihood that these concepts will result in a viable competition entry by the spring of 2009 competition deadline. BMEidea competition entries next spring will be judged on the following criteria:
1. Technical feasibility
2. Clinical utility
3. Economic feasibility and market potential
4. Novelty and patentability
5. Potential for commercialization

The categories for stipend consideration may include:
1. Surgery
2. Therapeutic applications
3. Diagnostic applications
4. Rehabilitative and assistive technologies
5. Home healthcare

For the stipend application deadline of November 7, 2008, please prepare the following:
1. Participant contact information (name, department, address, email and phone for each student team member and faculty advisor.)
2. A paragraph describing the problem to be solved and the need in the marketplace.
3. A paragraph describing the solution the team intends to deliver.
4. A brief description of the market opportunity.
5. A budget showing how you intend to use the $500.

PLEASE NOTE: The appendix might include a budget, a drawing or other important information.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If your RFP is selected, you will required to complete a "Process Map" in the Spring of 2009 which will enable NSF-funded researchers to understand and document the best-practices in innovative design and team processes. This will require no more than one hour of your time. For more information, contact Humera Fasihuddin at 413-587-2172.


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