2005 Competition Winners

First prize: $10,000
A novel treatment for cerebral aneurysm
Stanford University

Fifteen thousand people die in the US each year from ruptured brain aneurysms, and many have to choose between the risks of treatment or of rupture. The Embolune, a microporous balloon device, reduces the risk of treatment. The MedGen team has developed a novel method to safely deposit a hardening polymer material into the aneurysm space, creating a permanent clot that prevents the aneurysm from further growth.


Second prize: $2,500
Bioimpedance probe to detect preterm labor
Johns Hopkins University

Premature birth is the major determinant of long-term health problems in children. This team has designed a bioimpedance probe that measures subtle changes in cervical hydration, enabling accurate, tissue-level analysis toe predict the onset of preterm labor.


Third prize: $1,000
The Halo-Pack: A Low-profile
Cervical Spine Orthosis
Washington University

The Halo device immobilizes a patient’s head, allowing the cervical spine to heal after a fracture or a surgery—its design has remained essentially unchanged for 45 years. This team’s novel Halo design significantly reduces the profile of the apparatus and allows for easier access to the head and neck. Patients can wear normal clothing and sleep comfortably, with safer access to the airways and chest.

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