BMEidea 2014: Competition Winners

BMEidea-Biomedical Engineering-Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Award

The BMEidea competition recognizes the best of the best in student-driven, innovative biomedical engineering design with high commercial potential and social impact. First held in 2005, winners of this annual competition are selected from some of the nation’s top biomedical engineering departments and are judged by a panel of faculty and industry representatives. Winning entries solve a clinical problem; meet technical, economic, legal, and regulatory requirements; feature novel and practical designs; and show potential for commercialization.

Prizes include cash awards of $10,000 (first prize), $5,000 (second prize), and $2,500 (third prize), and product development and commercialization resources and training.

The BMEidea awards are presented each year at the MD&M East Medical Device Trade Show and Convention.

Congratulations to our winners!


$10,000 First Prize Winner

Innoblative Designs, Inc.

The team members:
Tyler Graf;
Dan McCarthy, 32, Cleveland, OH;
Adam Piotrowski, 32, Oak Park, IL;
Brian Robillard, 24, Fresno, CA;
Jason Sandler;
Curtis Wang, 22, Mill Creek, WA;
Tyler Wanke, Appleton, WI

Northwestern University

The device:
A disposable radiofrequency ablation (RFA) probe that destroys residual cancer cells around the site of a breast cancer lumpectomy. Find out more…

Watch their post-award interview. 

$5,000 Second Prize Winner

Recon Therapeutics

The team members:
Christopher Lee, 24, Ann Arbor, MI;
John Lewandowski, 24, Shaker Heights, OH;
Ben Maimon, 24, Westfield, NJ;
Babak Movassaghi, 39, Dusseldorf, Germany;
Ho-Jun Suk, 28, Incheon, South Korea

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The device:
LyoKit is a drug delivery technology designed for patients who regularly inject lyophilized drugs such as hCG, insulin or HGH. This technology simplifies drug reconstitution between a lyophilized (freeze-dried) drug and sterile solvent. The LyoKit device couples a standard off-the-shelf syringe with an external pressurized water chamber, resulting in a simple one-step reconstitution process. The device is customizable to a full range of biologics and can be rapidly adopted to market with minimal regulatory concerns. Find out more…

Watch their post-award interview.


$2,500 Third Prize Winner

Minimally Invasive Toroid System (MITS)

The team members:
Tiffany Chao, 31, Chappaqua, NY;
Nick Damiano, 31, San Francisco, CA;
Shreya Mehta, 30, Phoenix, AZ;
John Woock, 31, Louisville, KY

Stanford University

The device:
The MITS team is creating a non-surgical solution for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. The device consists of a set of indwelling urethral expanders that allow the circumferential “propping open” of the prostatic urethra to allow for urination and relief of BPH symptoms. Find out more…

Honorable Mentions

TREAT Award $1,000 Prize: Team Entrenous, Product Slimline, Northwestern University  

A gas storage material with inherent water-repellent properties that selectively removes the gases responsible for ostomy pouch order and ballooning in order to improve patient comfort and discretion.

Honorable Mention - Global access and affordability: ezPCR, University of Tennessee




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