Abigail Garner
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Abigail Garner is an associate site editor for the bmesource.org project. Mrs. Garner received her BS in Biological Science from UCSB and her MA in Biological Sciences from Stanford University in 2004 where her areas of interest included biotechnology and bioengineering. During her coursework and since graduating Mrs. Garner has been an active participant in the creation and development of the bmesource.org portal. Prior to Stanford, she was a technical assistant at Purdue University’s Department of Biochemistry and a research assistant at Hoffman-LaRoche Institute for Immunology in Basel, Switzerland. She also worked in research at the Centre for Molecular Neurobiology in the University Hospital at Ependorff in Hamburg, Germany.

Her current responsibilities include the continued development of the ontological structure of the Medicine domain of bmesource and two sections in the Engineering domain. In addition, she is responsible for primary source material searches included in the reference sections of the site.