Jawaharlal Mariappan
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Dr. Mariappan is an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. Before joining Cal Poly Pomona, he was a faculty member at Rowan University and Kettering University, where he taught a range of courses. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Mariappan founded and developed a successful education company, APlusStudent, which is currently used by thousands of students, teaches and parents, and is a content partner for Microsoft Class Server. Dr. Mariappan enjoys teaching and is always in search of ways to make learning meaningful, relevant, and fun. His current focuses are on incorporating entrepreneurship in engineering curriculum and implementing an experiential learning approach. Dr. Mariappan received a Rodes Professorship award for outstanding teaching and research at GMI, was nominated for ASEE Dove Outstanding Young Faculty Award, and was one of the authors whose work in developing a design course received a second place for the ASME Curriculum Innovation Award.