Jon Pratt
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Jon Pratt received his bachelor's degree in physics from Centenary College in 1976 and his PhD in finance from the University of Arkansas in 1986. Dr. Pratt has over twenty-eight years experience in banking, investments, and small business, having founded several companies in agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, and real estate development. In addition to his commercial interests, Dr. Pratt is employed by Louisiana Tech University in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. At the center, he works to foster collaboration between multidisciplinary groups of faculty, students, and commercial interests in Louisiana to encourage new business creation. He is lead instructor in several of Louisiana Tech’s new entrepreneurship course offerings, including “Entrepreneurship for High Tech Start-ups,” “Innovative Product Design,” and the new technology commercialization course entitled “Innovative Venture Research.” The Governor of Louisiana recognized Dr. Pratt as University Technology Leader for the year 2003.