Gary H. Brandenburger
biography :: conference marerials
Dr. Gary H. Brandenburger obtained his doctorate in electrical engineering from Washington University, St. Louis (WU) following research at the School of Medicine on quantitative imaging and tissue characterization with ultrasound. As adjunct professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at WU since 1998, he has created and serves as course master for BME 201 “From Concept to Market – the Business of Biomedical Engineering,” a required BME course and a recommended undergraduate elective at the WU Olin School of Business. As the new director of entrepreneurial programs for the WU School of Engineering, he creates new curricula and redesigns existing courses to implement the campus-wide initiative creating new interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education programs under the Kauffman Campuses Initiative, supported in part by a $3MM grant from the Kauffman Foundation. He also serves as the director of the new MBA/MS-BME dual degree program, managing and promoting the new dual degree master's program for the Biomedical Engineering Department and Olin School of Business.