Karlson “Charlie” Hargroves
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Karlson “Charlie” Hargroves is CEO of Natural Capitalism Inc. He came to the US from Australia through an appointment by Professor Bernard Amadei, PhD, of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder (CU-Boulder). Hargroves is the project coordinator for the Natural Edge Project (TNEP), Adelaide, Australia. TNEP is an ongoing, not-for-profit partnership driven by a growing team of young Australians who receive mentoring and the support of individuals ranging from professionals, public servants, business leaders and academics. The project receives strong support from organizations, groups, bodies, companies, agencies, and institutions, both in Australia and internationally. TNEP is currently publishing its first book, The Natural Advantage of Nations. Hargroves is enjoying a sabbatical from TNEP as visiting scholar to CU-Boulder, under the supervision of Dr. Amadei. While at CU, Hargroves’ focus is developing engineering educational materials for sustainable development. The CEO position at NCI provides him with the business/operational environment to enhance the development of the educational materials.