Peter Mark Jansson
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Dr. Peter Mark Jansson, PP, PE, is associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rowan University and president of Integrated Systems, a technology consulting, development and engineering firm. His current research focus includes renewable and novel energy systems, innovation and invention in electricity, industrial sustainability, Mach's Principle, and business transformation. Dr. Jansson's many responsibilities include lecturing in engineering electromagnetics, networks, power systems, sustainable design in engineering, civil and environmental engineering, industrial sustainability, and business and environment issues. Professor Jansson has over twenty-five years of management and research experience in energy, engineering and consulting businesses in the US and abroad (Conectiv, Atlantic Energy, Atlantic Energy International, Consulting Engineer Services, MIT, University of Cambridge, National Science Foundation). He obtained his first degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master of science in engineering from Rowan University, and most recently his PhD from the University of Cambridge.