Paul Kedrosky
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Dr. Paul Kedrosky is an award-winning academic, lecturer, and columnist. He has published more than 300 articles in academic and non-academic publications on finance, entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation. In addition, he has lectured and consulted to Fortune 1000 clients in Canada and the US.

Dr. Kedrosky has appeared on many media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, PBS Newshour, ABC Nightline, and the New York Times. He writes a weekly column for the National Post in Canada, a monthly column for Canadian Business magazine, and weekly for RealMoney. His columns have also appeared in the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, the Brookings Institute, Forbes, and the Toronto Globe & Mail.

Dr. Kedrosky has extensive industry experience, including having been a highly ranked technology equity research analyst. He founded the technology equity research practice at HSBC James Capel (Canada), and transactions with which he was involved created in excess of a billion dollars in public market value. He continues to consult for various venture capital, money management, and hedge fund firms. He is currently a formal advisor to two ongoing technology-based companies, in addition to having founded various companies of his own.

Dr. Kedrosky is currently a Distinguished Fellow at the William J. von Liebig Center for Entrepreneurism at the University of California, San Diego. In addition, Dr. Kedrosky is an adjunct professor in the management of technology at Simon Fraser University. He has also been a faculty member at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Commerce.