Christine Kurihara
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Christine Kurihara is the manager of special projects for the Biodesign Program at Stanford University. She is responsible for supporting IT projects in the program, including web development, database support, and application development and support. Prior to joining Biodesign, Mrs. Kurihara was director for web development for Stanford University Media Solutions, a university-based media services organization.

Mrs. Kurihara received her BA in Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She spent twelve years in the aerospace industry as a manager supporting the creation and delivery of a Computer-Aided Engineering capability on behalf of the engineering staff.

Her career at Stanford has spanned several groups, including the central IT support group, where she served as web coordinator for the first several years of the university’s web presence. In 1997 she co-chaired the 6th International World Wide Web Conference held in Santa Clara, California.