Ken Ports
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Dr. Ken Ports is a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Florida Tech and co-director of Florida TechStart, UF's university-based high tech business accelerator. He is responsible for the junior and senior design courses, where he focuses on effective multidisciplinary team participation in the new product pipeline through best current practice project planning, management, execution and closure. His research interests include microelectronics devices, fabrication technology and radiation effects. Prior to joining Florida Tech, Dr. Ports spent twenty-five years in the microelectronics industry in technical, managerial, staff, and internal consulting roles. He led several corporate systems, such as product-to-market, technology-to-market, corporate strategic planning, and the project management system. A Senior Scientist, he was corporate director of university relations, which included overseeing the research pipeline. His industrial roles also included managing a series of engineering groups focused on device engineering, product development, fabrication process R&D, and product engineering.