Marsha W. Timmerman
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Ms. Timmerman is a faculty member at La Salle University in the Department of Integrated Science, Business and Technology. As part of this new major, Ms. Timmerman is working to develop an entrepreneurship program. She is the founder and faculty director of La Salle University's new Entrepreneurship Institute. She designed and is teaching a year-long course entitled "Entrepreneurship and High Technology Business." Prior to joining La Salle, Ms. Timmerman had more than fourteen years experience with biotechnology start-up companies. She was a founding scientist with Enzymatics, Inc., a medical diagnostics company. After Enyzmatics, she co-founded JWT, Inc., a sports medicine company, and served as president of JWT until its merger with Binax, Inc. Ms. Timmerman holds bachelor's and master's degrees in zoology from Michigan State University and Rutgers University. In 1995, Ms. Timmerman was named Working Woman Magazine's Entrepreneurial Grant Award Winner. Ms. Timmerman also consults for several small companies.