Paul Yock
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Paul Yock is the Martha Meier Weiland Professor of Medicine, co-chair of Stanford's new Department of Bioengineering, director of the Center for Research in Cardiovascular Interventions, and professor of mechanical engineering, by courtesy. In 1998 Dr. Yock developed the Medical Device Network, a new interdepartmental and inter-school program at Stanford to help stimulate and guide the process of biomedical technology innovation within the university. This later led to the creation of the Stanford Program in Biodesign, which Dr. Yock directs. The primary mission of Biodesign is to promote the invention and implementation of new health technologies through interdisciplinary research and education at the frontiers of engineering and the biomedical sciences.

Dr. Yock is also a cardiologist internationally known for his work in inventing, developing and testing new medical devices, including the Rapid Exchange™ balloon angioplasty system, a Doppler-guided hypodermic needle system, the Smart Needle™ and P-D Access™.