A Methodology for Curriculum Development, Revision, and Assessment for Entrepreneurial Skill Development: Stage I-Entrepreneurial Leadership course
Gül E. Okudan, Elizabeth Kisenwether, Sarah Rzasa, The Pennsylvania State University / University Park
This paper first discusses the overall assessment plan for the Engineering Entrepreneurship (E-ship) minor at The Penn State University (Penn State). Then, it gives the example of an assessment carried out for the Entrepreneurial Leadership course (ENGR 310), which has been revised to better meet the minor's vision. ENGR 310 is one of the four core courses of the E-ship minor at Penn State. The current practice has been developed after a comprehensive review of similar courses and entrepreneurship education literature as well as taking into account the vision for the minor. This paper discusses the new curriculum of the course, and relevant innovative changes. The results of external and internal benchmarking and course assessment conducted to measure student satisfaction and perceptions of the course are included in the paper. Overall, the aim is to share implementation of these changes and curriculum analyses as an avenue for entrepreneurship educators to learn from others' experiences.
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