Development of the Portal
Abigail Garner, Christine Kurihara, Paul Yock, Stanford University
Information sharing through the Internet has allowed students to stay abreast of the profound and fast-paced changes taking place in the biomedical engineering (BME) community. The number of new developments posted on the Web far exceeds the ability of individual investigators to evaluate technical advances in a timely manner. Web based research portals provide a powerful mechanism for the consolidation and evaluation of diverse BME advances. The BMESource Web portal has been designed to meet this need, by consolidating the domains of medicine, engineering and business and law into a single Web site. While simple in conception, the diversity of BME topics poses a significant challenge in the categorization of multi-disciplinary information. In meeting this challenge, we have developed an ontology for BMESource that classifies and organizes the diverse disciplines of the BME community into a logical, hierarchical structure. In addition, universities from around the US are collaborating to organize and populate BMESource.
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