Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities by Educating for Technology Commercialization at Johns Hopkins University
Lawrence Aronhime, Johns Hopkins University
We describe the growing interaction between the W.P. Carey Program in Entrepreneurship and Management at the Johns Hopkins University and the licensing and development offices of the university, including the schools of Engineering and Public Health, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and area federal laboratories. Specifically, multi-disciplinary teams of undergraduate students develop commercialization plans for technologies emanating from these institutions. In addition, the student teams work with the licensing professionals of the sponsoring institutions to identify and contact potential licensees, and build valuation models. For technologies that lend themselves more to a start-up model, we then describe how students can exercise a limited option to establish a new venture within an area incubator, with support from the sponsoring institution, in an effort to actually commercialize a technology for which the teams had previously developed a plan.
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