A Scalable and Adaptable Problem-Based Learning Course in Entrepreneurship
Ralph M. Hanke, Elizabeth C. Kisenwether, Anthony Warren, The Pennsylvania State University / University Park
In the pilot offering of Introduction to Entrepreneurship, fifty-five students developed entrepreneurial skills at PSU using a unique problem based learning (PBL) approach with all course materials and grading managed on-line. The course was cross-listed as a business and engineering class (BA/ENGR497G) to help form interdisciplinary teams from across the university from all majors. The challenge to each team: develop a new venture concept that could grow to $50M in annual revenue by year five. Students self-selected into teams of three to six, typically with no more than two members from one major. The course had no text: all readings were available on Penn State's on-line course management system (ANGEL) and rich media content was on a $25 CD-ROM. The overall course objective was to guide students through the new venture definition process as they grow in attributes of self-efficacy, leadership, creativity, and comfort with ambiguity.
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