Mark Polczynski
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Marquette University College of Engineering Entrepreneurial Engineering Program
The Marquette University College of Engineering is developing an undergraduate minor program in Entrepreneurial Engineering, with a goal to prepare engineers to effectively participate in the generation of new technology-based business opportunities. The program consists of three elements: development of undergraduate entrepreneurial engineering courses, incorporation of projects involving business partners and the university’s Business and Law School, and establishment of a culturally diverse environment. These elements are supported by a board of directors, a comprehensive communication program, proactive enlistment of funding partners, and augmentation of university infrastructure to stimulate entrepreneurship. This presentation will discuss how the new undergraduate minor will provide an effective jump-start to traditional means of developing entrepreneurial engineers, through generation, filtering, and harvesting of new technology, product, and business opportunities and coursework augmented by team projects.

The Venture Café - Learning the Ropes of Entrepreneurship
Where do innovators go with a hot new idea? Where do businesses go to find new growth opportunities? Where do investors go to find promising new ventures? Where do law firms go to find new clients seeking assistance in setting up new businesses? A Venture Café is an informal public meeting place where these people and others meet to talk about starting new high-tech companies. In addition to providing a nexus for veteran entrepreneurs, a Venture Café provides a training ground where new participants can go to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. Novices learn first-hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and find direct access to individuals providing what they need to put together a new venture. Presenters will describe how their venture cafés got started and how they work. They will offer examples of ventures that have emerged from their cafés, and will share best/worst practices.