Paul Yock
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Entrepreneurial Courselet for Phd Students in Medicine
The previous presentation describes Stanford’s Introduction to Medicine course, offered to PhD students in the basic medical sciences to introduce approaches used by physicians to understand human disease. To aid teams that develop potentially marketable technologies, the Intro to Medicine faculty invited the Program in Biodesign to create a CD-based, directed mini-course on entrepreneurial issues medical device development. Biodesign’s own innovation course features a series of speakers discussing entrepreneurial aspects of device invention. A courselet was developed using selected video content from the Biodesign course paired with supporting documents such as worksheets and examples and set into a content structure around issues in entrepreneurship. This paper will discuss the development of the courselet.

Technology Transfer for Biomedical Engineering Project Courses
This panel discussion addresses some of the challenges and opportunities presented to faculty who teach biomedical engineering project courses. Intellectual property often results from these projects, and faculty manage numerous issues—such as inventorship, technology licensing, entrepreneurship, and industry sponsorship/participation—to help their students navigate the technology transfer process from within an academic institution.

Development of the Portal
As both storage and bandwidth become more widely available, educators and students alike turn to the Internet as a source and respository of critical information. Facilitating this workshop are representatives from two Stanford University online resources: Portal and Educators’ Corner. Participants will learn how these resources were built, how they are used, and how the process may be replicated.