The Importance of Utilizing Human Factors Engineering in Developing Biomedical Innovation

Evan T. Edwards
V.P. Product Development: Intelliject, LLC.

The utilization of Human Factors Engineering is critical for biomedical device design in order to create safe and effective products for patients, physicians, caregivers and the like. Designing for the end user can also identify and potentially eliminate use-related hazards early in the design process. This will not only create a safer product, but also save the manufacturer considerable time and money that may have been needed in the future to correct flaws or errors identified once the product is on the market. As the need for patient-focused technologies increases, so does the need for guidance as to how to develop systems and devices utilizing HFE. This presentation and paper will highlight the key aspects of incorporating Human Factors Engineering into the design of biomedical devices including key concepts, methods and techniques used according to industry and FDA standards.


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