Track: Entrepreneurship Education Research

Assessing Entrepreneurial Intentions Amongst Students: A Comparative Study

Anuradha Basu and Meghna Virick

While most US universities offer entrepreneurship courses today, little is known about the relationship between the likelihood of students taking courses in entrepreneurship and their intentions of becoming entrepreneurs. This paper aims to fill this gap more>>

Nurturing the Creative Class from Art to Nano

Jon Pratt and Dave N. Norris Jr.

Richard Florida’s book, The Rise of the Creative Class, focused national attention on the importance of attracting and retaining highly skilled individuals that work in creative occupations. Recent research from USDA indicates more>>

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Engineers:  A Logico-Deductive Review of Leading Curricula

Thomas Duening

This paper presents a logico-deductive analysis of the leading approaches to entrepreneurship education. The following parameters provide a framework for deductive analysis, comparison more>>


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