Track: Intellectual Property

Joint Inventorship and Ownership in Student Team Projects

Martin High

During the last several NCIIA meetings, there has been much discussion concerning the rights of students in their inventions that result from a team effort. This paper will attempt to provide more>>

University Technology Spin-Offs: Do Entrepreneurship Academic Programs and Centers Impact Success?

Jon Down and John Turner

The relationship between university Technology Transfer Offices and other university stakeholders has been problematic. The behavior of TTO directors is often constrained by the monitoring and governance mechanisms more>>

Technology Commercialization as a Classroom Laboratory Exercise – Structuring the Unstructured

Jim Wolff and Derek Ruth

Challenges arise when structuring the unstructured process of evaluating intellectual property (IP) for commercial potential. This paper describes and discusses an effort to create venture start-ups around university technology. The initiative encompasses three phases, the first two more>>

Panel Discussion: Intellectual Property Policies for Corporate-sponsored and Entrepreneurial Students

Lisa Getzler-Linn

Many institutions of higher learning have Intellectual Property (IP) policies that apply to faculty and graduate students as well as established norms for contractual agreements in corporate-sponsored projects. However, the widespread popularity of entrepreneurship more>>


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