Understanding How the Environment and Tools Affect Collaboration in Higher Education

Chris Conley, Illinois Institute of Technology

All fields need to innovate, but differ in how they do so. Mainstream approaches to innovation in technology and product development favor analysis and scientific processes as a means of getting from concept to realization. These approaches attempt to increase certainty and reduce risk. In contrast, the process in so-called creative fields such as filmmaking and game development use rapid iteration between concept visualization and qualitative assessment. This approach maximizes discovery of new ways of embodying or expressing ideas. This session explores and contrasts these two approaches to innovation by examining the management structure, activities, and artifacts involved in each. The session proposes the use of techniques and principles from the creative fields in mainstream new technology and product development. Finally, it suggests changes to the management structure, process activities, and artifacts of new technology and product development to take advantage of this different way of working.

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