Innovative Student Recruiting Approaches for Smaller and Liberal Arts Institutions

Boris Peltsverger, Xiang Fu, & Brian Campell, Georgia Southwestern State University

Recently most American higher education institutions have witnessed students’ declining interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. The seemingly dim career prospects have turned away potential students. For small and liberal arts institutions, given the ever-shrinking budget and costly advertisement via traditional broadcasting channels, the task of effectively recruiting and retaining students has been a priority for educators. This session proposes innovative approaches to attracting and retaining STEM
students at small institutions. Topics include strategies to research the education market, approaches to improving the visibility of STEM programs, and academic advising services that enhance the readiness of high school graduates for college education. The organizers present their initial findings in an experimental, computer-assisted academic and career counseling system that incorporates novel techniques such as blogs, web services, and computer games.

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