Building High Performance Communities through Technology Entrepreneurship

Cyrus Taylor, Case Western Reserve University;
Kent Glasscock, Kansas State University;
Mel Ustad, University of South Dakota;
Timothy Stearns, California State University Fresno;
Delore Zimmerman, CEO Praxis

Nearly 80% of the United States does not share in the enormous wealth creation generated by technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Many communities are unable to find ways to generate new jobs, new companies, and economic prosperity. One solution is to transfer viable technologies, commercialization expertise, and entrepreneurial resources to communities that meet N2TEC standards for readiness. In doing so, we can create new companies, new jobs, and bring greater economic prosperity to underserved regions of the
country. This panel of experts will discuss an exciting new concept in community-based technology entrepreneurship—the development through technology innovation and entrepreneurship of the first
N2TEC High Performance Community in the Black Hills Region of South Dakota.

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