The Value of Participation in the TU Innovation Program

Claire Cornell, George Vozikis, Mallary Alsup, and Jillian Coghill, University of Tulsa

Professors who are committed to experiential, interdisciplinary programs in innovation and entrepreneurship often tell their students that innovation and entrepreneurship are valued assets in today’s job market and that student participation in these programs is important for differentiating themselves. Using questionnaire responses from twelve students who completed the University of Tulsa’s Certificate Program in Innovation and Product Development, this paper reviews student perceptions of their participation in such a program. Students
felt the courses were informative and challenging and the majority would recommend the program to others. They also felt they obtained a holistic view of the innovation and product development process. However, the experiences of the business majors and engineering majors were slightly different. Business majors were overwhelmingly supportive of the program while engineering majors were supportive, with certain qualifications and reservations.

>>Read the peer-reviewed paper here (PDF)

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