BMEidea Competition

Jay Goldberg, Marquette University & Phil Weilerstein, NCIIA

National student design competitions require student teams to design, construct, and test functional prototypes that meet specific requirements related to the theme of the competition. They have been very successful over the years, but rarely result in the commercialization of the inventions or design innovations. Two competitions targeted towards biomedical engineering students currently exist; however, neither emphasizes
entrepreneurship or the potential for commercialization. The new BMEidea national student design competition, now in its second year, combines the traditional design competition with an entrepreneurial focus to connect biomedical engineering students and their academic communities to real-world commercial opportunities based on innovative design. It brings the academic and industrial biomedical engineering communities together. Details regarding the design of the competition, requirements for entry, judging criteria, and results of the first year will be presented in this session.

>>Read the peer-reviewed paper here (PDF)

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