CUES-AM Online: A program assessment protocol

Christopher Ibeh, Oliver Hensley, Marjorie Donovan, Andrey Beyle, Monika Bubacz, & Shyang Wang, Pittsburgh State University

CUES-AM is the choice assessment protocol for the activities of the Center for NanoComposites and Multifunctional Materials (CNCMM). CNCMM has the mission of implementing the inter-institutional Multifunctional Materials for Naval Structures project. The choice of CUES-AM draws from the project’s previous experience on the NSF-sponsored Interdisciplinary Materials Research program, and the development of CUES-AM as a user-friendly online assessment protocol. CUES-AM uses expertly pre-determined, site-specific program attributes—essential knowledge elements (EKEs)—in conjunction with EKE factors such as efficacy, validity, comprehensiveness, interest, usefulness, and difficulty to evaluate program participants’ satisfaction level. CUES-AM Online quantifies the participants’ ratings into a satisfaction index rating scale of very poor to excellent. CUES-AM is remotely accessible via the Internet, and the generated output is made available to the user electronically.

>>Read the peer-reviewed paper here (PDF)

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