Correlating Student Self-Perceptions with Independent Professional Evaluation of Interprofessional
Project Team Course Learning Objectives

Tom Jacobius, Sherine George, and Daniel M. Ferguson,
Illinois Institute of Technology

IIT has been using and refining a self-reporting survey tool over the past two years within its Interprofessional Project (IPRO) team course assessment process to measure achievement of learning objectives, encourage team members to reflect on accomplishments and identify ways to improve the course. At the same time, IIT’s semiannual“IPRO Projects Day Conference” is a venue that incorporates a competitive team judging process for oral presentations and exhibits and involves a range of workplace professionals. This paper presents
the results of an analysis of the correlation of end-of-semester student self-reporting with independent team project evaluations from the IPRO Day Conference from judges representing professionals in industry, government and academia. The findings are useful in understanding the extent of agreement and disparity of perceptions by students, faculty, and workplace professionals regarding the achievement of project team course learning outcomes.

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