Generational Replacement Accelerator Process

Ari-Pekka Kainu, Finnish Polytechnics Network (Finland)

The Generational Replacement Accelerator Process is an essential part of the innovative educational choices available at Satakunta Polytechnic’s Enterprise Accelerator. Satakunta’s customer focus, constant competence development, and strong support of research and development entrepreneurship activities offers a competitive
solution for small- and medium-sized companies looking to find a professional entrepreneur with high school skills. The closest support for the student entrepreneur is offered by expert mentors from the Polytechnic. These professionals support the students and the process encourages cooperation with international projects and companies. The enterprises offer opportunities for practical training as well as subjects for theses for other students of the Satakunta Polytechnic. The know-how the students gain from running enterprises translates
into improved normal classroom learning and to various research and development projects. In a long-term process, the Polytechnic may also be one of the enterprise’s customers or partners.

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