Developing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Pathway and Pipeline

Vincent Pizziconi, Arizona State University

Numerous innovative efforts are being made in both the content and delivery of design education. Examples include the introduction of design and innovation to middle and high school students; the integration of design, innovation, and entrepreneurship throughout undergraduate engineering curriculums and within graduate education tracks; the creation of multifaceted, interdisciplinary campus and community partnerships via cross-functional product development and entrepreneurial education teams spanning science, engineering, business, and law; the development of innovative learning environments; and the creation of specialized curricular and extracurricular service and entrepreneurial learning opportunities, among others. This session focuses on connecting the dots and closing the loop on what appears to be the emergence of a seamless K-Graduate
synergistic pathway that fosters creativity, cross-functionality, and entrepreneurship, thus building capacity in the design innovation and entrepreneurial education pipeline.

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