Understanding the Role of Aesthetics and Emotion in Innovative Product Development

Mary Beth Privitera, University of Cincinnati;
Wayne Chung, Georgia Institute of Technology

During the product realization process, cross-functional development teams consider the many attributes that make up a product, including an in-depth look at specific requirements of various stakeholders. This includes aesthetics in product design and how this element creates emotional response. Consumers and users have a range of responses to a stimulus according to previous experiences, the context in which it is presented, and its surrounding environment. Whether internalized, externalized, conscious, sub-conscious, or a combination of these elements, aesthetic design is a significant factor in creating a positive, negative, or neutral perception of value. This session discusses the basis of appropriate aesthetic design for innovations in relation to the user, context, and intended use. This is essential for successful new ventures, as the idea must become tangible and visual at some point of the process.

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