Edward Acworth has pursued parallel careers in science, management and entrepreneurship. He earned a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, where he directed the Artificial Star 3 Laboratory and in 2000 successfully pre-launch tested a $700M space telescope for the NASA Gravity Probe-B Relativity Mission. Currently, Acworth directs a $90M portfolio of technology research programs for the Cambridge-MIT Institute, where he is also an MIT Sloan Fellow. His portfolio has logged approximately thirty-five innovations, thirteen of which are in the patenting stage, and seven of which are being commercialized. Acworth is a cofounder and current advisor of Brontes Technologies Inc, a venture backed startup in Boston. He has consulted for the semiconductor, medical, robotics and automotive industries, and he advises international governments on economic development and entrepreneurship. He has taught at Stanford, Columbia University, and Shenzhen University in China, published in the journals of ASPE and AAS, and has received the R.V. Jones Memorial Scholarship and other academic awards and scholarships.

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