Jim Male is the first holder of the Edwin and Sharon Sweo Chair in Engineering at the University of Portland. He joined the University of Portland in the fall of 1997 after spending twenty years at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Male has done research in the general area of environmental and water resource systems analysis, focusing on the use of mathematical programming and modeling to assist with planning and management decisions. Topic areas of his research have included repair and rehabilitation of water distribution systems, reliability of water supply reservoirs, and analysis and management of contaminated dredged material. At the University of Portland, Dr. Male has established the Environmental Engineering track in the Civil Engineering Department. He has also been instrumental in linking the environmental engineering and science disciplines on campus.

Dr. Male earned his bachelor's degree (in civil engineering) in 1968 at Union College and his doctorate (in environmental engineering) in 1973 at Johns Hopkins University. He spent a year doing research at the University of Illinois (1972-1973) and taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology (1973-1977) before joining the civil and environmental engineering faculty at UMass. During his tenure at UMass he spent sabbatical years at Stanford University, the University of Washington, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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