Jeffrey A. Stamp is assistant professor and chair of entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of North Dakota. He was the inventor, creator, and brand manager of “Baked Lays” for Frito-Lay, which achieved $230 million in first-year sales and was named by Ernst and Young as the top brand introduction in the 1990s for the food sector. After his corporate life, he built his own successful business as a master brand innovator in both consumer goods and technology arenas by serving for six years as the chief trained brain & vice president of technology for Richard Saunders International’s Eureka! Ranch, a top new product and service creativity think tank. Jeff and his team were awarded the George Land World-Class Innovator Award from the Innovation Network and Fast Company magazine. Stamp is an experienced professor of entrepreneurship, having held the Markley Visiting Professor of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Miami University of Ohio.

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