Cyrus Taylor is the author of more than sixty scientific papers and has given more than seventy invited talks in recent years. As a physicist, he has worked in both theoretical and experimental high energy physics, serving as co-spokesman of the MiniMax collaboration (FNAL T-864) at Fermilab (1993-present) and as co-spokesman of the FELIX collaboration at CERN (1996-present). Taylor has also been a leader in creating new programs aimed at empowering scientists as entrepreneurs. He is director of the Physics Entrepreneurship Program at Case Western Reserve University, coordinator of Caseís Science Entrepreneurship Programs and co-director of InTICE, the Institute for Technology Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship. Taylor was named a fellow of the American Physical Society for providing a new paradigm for graduate education in physics through the creation of an innovative Physics Entrepreneurship Masterís Program, and was awarded the prestigious 2003 Price Institute Innovative Entrepreneurship Educators Award for pioneering the innovative Physics Entrepreneurship Program.

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