About Epicenter

Epicenter is a partnership between NCIIA and Stanford University with the mission of unleashing the entrepreneurial potential of undergraduate engineering students across the US. Based at Stanford University's School of Engineering, Epicenter offers programs and support for faculty, students and academic leaders; conducts research on higher education models; and forms communities around entrepreneurship and engineering education.

NCIIA and Stanford are collaborating on four programs in specific:

  • Annual conference (visit the Stanford annual conference page here) -- Produced in partnership with Epicenter, NCIIA‘s annual conference engages attendees in bringing entrepreneurship and innovation learning into undergraduate education. The conference includes presentations from leaders in the field and an emphasis on content that educators can take home and use in their teaching.
  • Lean LaunchPad Educators Program (visit the Stanford Lean LaunchPad page here) -- Led by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Steve Blank and Jerry Engel, this workshop shows faculty how to teach the Lean LaunchPad process and Customer Development approach to new venture development.
  • Pathways to Innovation (visit the Stanford Pathways to Innovation here)-- designed to help institutions transform the experience of their undergraduate engineering students. The program, created and run by Epicenter, helps teams of faculty and university leaders fully incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship into a range of courses as well as strengthen co- and extra-curricular offerings.
  • University Innovation Fellows (visit the Stanford Student Ambassadors page here) -- NCIIA and Epicenter have joined forces to provide new opportunities for students across the country as part of the University Innovation Fellows Program. Fellows, nominated by their deans and faculty, catalyze innovation on their home campuses by holding events and creating networks that inspire and foster student entrepreneurship.