NCIIA grantees tell their stories

NCIIA supports student innovations, technologies and ventures to improve the lives of people in the US and overseas. Here's some of that work in action.

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NCIIA's best student innovations

This section features outstanding student innovation videos selected from Open Minds, our annual showcase of our best student innovation teams.

Each video frame plays a sequence of videos from that year's competition. As you watch, you can click the 'next' button to advance to the next team's entry.

Videos from Open Minds 2011
Videos from
March Madness for the Mind 2010
Clean Energy and Technology
Green Materials
Ecovative Design
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Former E-Team Ecovative Design developed and is selling mushroom-based Ecocradle packaging and Greensulate insulation.
Solar innovations
Sustainable Solar Sanitation System
Georgia Institute of Technology
This team is addressing the issue of sanitation in developing countries through the development of a dry latrine system that provides sustainable, affordable, and safe treatment of human waste using the sun’s energy.
Heating and light
Greenlight Planet
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Former E-Team team invented a solar-charged, battery-powered LED lantern that is safer, more economical and less polluting than kerosine lanterns. Greenlight Planet has sold over 600,000 lanterns in India.
Heating and light
Fuel Briquette Design
University of Colorado Boulder
To combat deforestation and the high cost of wood in Afghanistan, students and faculty developed a technology that enables fuel briquettes to be made from paper scraps and other waste products.
NCIIA's Global Health Technologies
Clean water/sanitation
SAFE AGUA: Ducha Halo Portable Shower
Art Center College of Design
This team is developing the Ducha Halo, an affordable pressurized shower solution that provides a warm shower, reduces the spread of illness and reduces the amount of water used in traditional showers.
Clean water/sanitation
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Former E-Team is developing a low-cost water purification device for developing countries based on simple membrane filtration technology.
Maternal/infant health
Antenatal Screening Kit
Johns Hopkins University
This team is developing an antenatal screening kit to deliver low-cost healthcare to women in even the remotest villages. The kit includes a variety of custom markers pre-filled with reagents for screening tests.
Leveraged Freedom Chair
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This E-Team is developing a lever-propelled wheelchair designed specifically to meet the mobility needs of people with disabilities in developing countries.