Jade Patterson - Washington State University

Jade Patterson is from the Yakima Valley located in the agricultural heartland of Washington State. He is currently a junior at Washington State University, majoring in Chemical Engineering with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. This past year Jade worked as a tutor for the College of Engineering and Architecture School at WSU. Being a tutor allowed Jade to teach many different subjects and serve as a mentor to up and coming engineers fulfilling one of his greatest passions.

Jade is currently involved in a water quality project funded by WSU’s Engineers Without Borders, in which the goal is to diagnose and treat water in a local reservoir. The team of students uses photo-spectrometry in order to identify concentrations of various chemical compounds. In addition dissolved oxygen, and pH readings are taken monthly. The long term objective is to achieve a sustainable healthy aquatic life environment. This project relates to his broader interest in contributing to positive environmental changes.
My mission is to involve and integrate various students and organizations on campus to develop and promote awareness of the importance of networking in ways that will help us accomplish significant and positive changes in our communities and environment.