Juan Carlo Pascua - University of Nevada at Las Vegas


November 2010

  • Organizing an Invention to Venture workshop for November 18, 2010.
  • Started an entrepreneurship club on campus.
  • Scouting for E-Teams!



Juan Carlo Pascua is above all, a surfer. Seemingly lackadaisical and at times aloof, his value system is not based on dollars, but on waves. You couldn’t suspect this by his academic history. Like many college freshman he was overly confident. A double major in psychology and civil engineering, he saw plenty of dollars in his future. His selfishness ended when he completed his first course in social justice and community.

Learning of a world bigger than his superficial desires saw him become involved and invested in helping others. In researching for a seminar he was to teach, Juan Carlo came across all the global problems to be realized by climate change. Deciding to focus on the solution: renewable energy, he became a member of an adventurous research group that studied the renewable energy of highly sustainable Denmark. After contemplating for ages why impressive energy solutions go unused in America, he decided to enter a business competition with a plan to fund clean technology. With his entrepreneur spirit lit, he began considering business and technology solutions that address the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. At the end, he would like to own and operate a sustainable surfboard shop.
Juan Carlo's vision
My vision is to create a spark. There is a lot of talent in Las Vegas and in Nevada. Many people I’ve come across here have great ideas that they simply toss away because they don’t know what to do with them. They need an entrepreneurial spark so they can take their ideas and fly with them. I would like to give great ideas a chance as long as they have been put through enough thought. In the end, I hope to help create permanent jobs in companies people can be proud to be a part of.