Mohamed Ali Niang


November 2010:

  • Planning an Invention to Venture workshop for February 2011.
  • Conducting market research for the Institute of Social Innovation that the university is developing. "I have designed qualitative and quantitative surveys surveyed 115 people from 11 different colleges. I will be providing a report assessing the needs and the wants of students towards the new Social Innovation program." 


Mohamed Ali Niang is a senior at Temple University (Pennsylvania)and expects to graduate in May 2011 with a BBA in International Business/Entrepreneurship and minors in Economics and Sustainability. He has previously interned at a variety of organizations dedicated to social change and poverty alleviation including, UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Niger, the Women's Opportunity Resource Center in Philadelphia and Tissina Ltd. in Mali, a company that specializes in developing and marketing renewable energies equipment.

During these internships, Mohamed Ali developed valuable experiences and insights into the agriculture sector, micro finance and project management . In addition, he is the co-founder of a student-led venture called Malo Traders and received the Judge’s Choice Award at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition, received a grant from NCIIA to attend a ven workshop at MIT, and we are also a 2010 Sparkseed Venture. He also received the 2010 Sol Tutelman Memorial Prize from Temple University, an award given to a student achieving the highest standards in the field of entrepreneurship.

Mohamed's vision

My endeavors on three different continents have provided me with the opportunity to acquire a strong sense of the challenges and opportunities student entrepreneurs face. As such, the prospect of assisting the NCIIA in its quest to encourage and harness the entrepreneurial spirit of students is very exciting. Not only do I see this as a excellent opportunity to learn from and to positively influence students, being part of a program hosted by a well-respected institution like the NCIIA presents me with a great opportunity to interact with others that share my passion for innovation. I hope to connect and collaborate with numbers of student entrepreneurs with different backgrounds raging from engineering all colleges.